Renting an exhibition is easy and affordable

At Wallexpo, we provide the option of renting an exhibition for a some time and then you get the chance to rotate or renew or to buy all or some of the images. Choose the images you like and you’ll quickly be living, working, and enjoying beautiful imagery surrounding you. It will change your life and boost your creativity. 

Four good reasons to rent an exhibition:

1.) Earn revenue from sold prints. Depending on the size of your exhibiton only a few sold prints will pay for the exhibition and then you start to make money.

2.) Wallexpo feature beautiful imagery from great photographers/ artists and YOU support them to make more images. Our rental program gives you direct access to affordable prints without the burden of paying off an expensive initial cost for an exhibition. 

3.) We offer photography artwork to rent or to buy on high quality printed Dibond aluminium  and other high quality printed materials.

4.) You can choose the size to fit the space you have. We can custom fit any space you have, from 20 x 30 cm up to 76 x 100 cm in stretched canvas or framed artwork, your choice.

For yourself or your business

Do you have an office space, restaurant or a home that needs some character? Take your time and live with great images of your choice from Wallexpo. The best part is, you can always return the piece and replace it with another which you feel might be more suited to your space.

All of our images are available to rent from the Gallery.

Earning credits to buy prints

Each month, you'll earn credits from your rental and the artwork can become yours forever, if you choose. Forty percent (40%) of the rental fees can be applied to the purchase of your artwork. Another great option, you can change out your artwork collection on a regular frequency to keep it fresh and satisfy your personal viewing.

Prints may be purchased at any time or rotated and renewed at the conclusion of any three month rental period.

This is how an Exhibition can look like

Full wall

Half wall

Close up wall

All exhibitions comes with Information sign and print sign about the image.

About the prints

You can read more in the About the prints section.

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