October 9, 2015 05:31 PM Faq

October 9, 2015 05:16 PM Faq

How do Artists get compensated for use of their work?

We want to be sure that artists are fairly compensated every time someone has a chance to experience their work. Artists receive up to 40% of the revenue on every sold print.

Why do I sometimes make more from a print sale, and sometimes less?

The amount of money the artists makes from a print sale depends on how many Credits the customer uses to buy the print. Credits are earned when customers rent images for an exhibition. If no Credits are used the artist makes 40%, if Credits are used to purchase the print the artist will make up to 40%. The artists will never receive less than 25% of the revenues from a print sale.

How and when are artists paid?

Artists will be paid via Banc or PayPal on the 15th of every month. We distribute your earnings as soon as you've accrued 500 Sek or more.

Who maintains copyright of the work while it's on Wallexpo?

The artist always maintains copyright of the work they create. We ask for permission to use your images on our web site, to create high quality prints, and in press and marketing materials. The images will always be credited to the artist.

What are the prints made of and how are they printed?

The prints we send out to our customers are printed on a high quality durable material that produces a high-quality image and holds up to the wear-and-tear of repeated in-home trials.

What's to prevent someone from just stealing my image off Wallexpo and printing it out on their own?

The visible images on Wallexpo have been sized down to thumbnail proportions, so a resulting printed image would be of very poor quality. Also the image will have a Wallexpo watermark in the middle. No image which appears on the website, or on any other online sources will contain a high resolution image of your work. Your high resolution images are stored in a file storage location which is only accessible to member of the Wallexpo staff.

Who selects the work that goes up on the site?

We trust artists to decide which pieces they would like to show but we reserve the right to make the call about whether or not a particular piece is right for the site. Some artists find it helpful to receive input about which of their pieces would be best for the type of customers we attract and we're definitely here to help if you need us. We ask that artists submit bodies of work that demonstrate a consistency in technical skill and a cohesion of style or content. We find this is what our customer base is looking for and what works best for your artist portfolio page and browse page display.

Who sets pricing for prints?

Wallexpo does. We sell prints in many sizes and material and it´s based on printing costs.

Can I show my work in gallery shows or on my own website while it is on Wallexpo?

Sure, if the gallery is cool with that. We would appreciate it if you kept the price listed on Wallexpo consistent with the price of the piece through other venues.

What are your requirements for the images I submit?

A imagefile with upwards of 18 megapixels (5184x3456 pixels). High resolution scans work too. Remember sizing up in photo editing software (sometimes lack of sharpness and noise), let us know if you have done this when submitting your work.

In order to create fine art quality enlarged prints of your images/artwork, we need high resolution jpg files saved in compression 12 in Photoshop (or as high quality as possible).

If all is ok so far, know what?

It's easy. You can go here to submit an application. Within a couple of days, we will get back to you with instructions on how to submit the content we need to get you up on the site. Most importantly, at least 5 high resolution images of your work. We're excited to see your work!

My question isn't answered here. Where can I send my question?

If your question isn't answered above, you can contact us here

October 9, 2015 05:13 PM Faq

Suspension systems for aluminum and Plexiglas panels Instructions & advices for hanging
The suspension system consists of 1 (if the product is portrait mode and 20x30 cm) or 2 (for all products) adhesive metal plates and two self-adhesive foam pads.
SUSPENSION SYSTEM IS PLACED AND ANCHORAGE OF PHOTOBOXPERSONAL BEFORE sent to the customer (the reason for this is the consistent position and to allow the glue to dry for 24 hours so that the product is ready to be hung up when unpacking).
Suspension Process (a tvåmansjobb depending on the size of the board):
You will need (not included):
- Spirit
- Pencil
- Picture Hooks & nails (we would recommend that you use a picture hook that is attached by two nails or a model that uses screws for our main perspex panels. If you have any doubt about the suitability of picture hooks on your wall type / weight on the board, we recommend that you discuss this with a professional craftsman / tavelramare)
- A little assistance / an extra pair of hands if the board is too big to hold with one hand.
1) Decide where you want to hang your painting, watching so that you have the right type of picture hooks that fit your wall.
2) Place the painting flat against the wall and mark carefully the wall at the top right or left corner of the painting with a pencil (try not to 'drift' around with the painting on the wall as metal hangers may cause marks on the wall).
3) Place the board (be careful not to create marks on the edges of the board if you set it down on a hard surface).
4) Measure the inside 85mm in width and 70mm down from your selection of the board's corners and makes one to mark on your wall here (the second mark now shows the metal plate on the back of your painting sitting).
5) Place the picture hook (not included) to the lowest point of your picture hook is just above the second selection, and attach the hook to the wall (we would recommend that you use a picture hook that is attached by two nails or a model that uses screws for our main plexiglass panels).
6) Hang your board carefully on this single picture hook and use a spirit level to ensure that the picture is hanging straight. Mark the wall with a pencil at the board's second corner.
7) Repeat steps 3, 4 & 5 to attach the other picture hook in the opposite corner.
8) Use an eraser and rub gently remove your marks on the wall.
9) Hang Your Painting.
10) Take a step back and enjoy!
- Attach or do not use any wire or rope between the metal plates to hang the painting on a single hook - metal plates are sharp and will cut through the wire / rope.
- Variations in temperature and humidity may affect the adhesive on the suspension system. Hang in areas where humidity is high (as in the bathroom) and try not to hang your painting above a radiator if possible, extreme changes in temperature and humidity affect not only adhesive but also the photo paper Your image is printed on.
- To ensure consistency in the color of your painting in the years to come, try to avoid to hang the painting in direct sunlight. Although the photo paper PhotoBox use is suitable for archiving (Fuji Crystal Archive or DPII paper) and color tested for over 75 years, you can direct sunlight shorten lifespan.


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